Which Are the Right Quick Release Devices for You?

Assorted quick release plungers from Vlier

Does your product design require a precise alignment for positive locking to secure or position? Our line of quick release devices (QRD)—more specifically, our quick release plunger designs—may be the perfect solution across a wide variety of industries. There are multiple plunger types that fall into this dynamic category, so we’re describing the purposes and strengths of each to help you determine the right quick release devices for your application.

Plunger Components and Applications

While their specific purpose varies, all our quick release devices are precision parts designed to secure, position, fasten, latch, lock or quick disconnect. Consisting of a body, a plunger nose, a spring and a knob to retract the plunger nose, these parts offer accurate and repeatable end forces for their functions in applications. Each plunger nose has varying plunger design, travel, range of motion and spring force for precise operation including side loading and engagement.

Types of Knob Plungers

Delrin® Knob Plungers

Featuring a contoured Delrin® knob and a radiused case hard plunger nose, these plungers are available in both non-locking and locking designs. The stainless steel option resists rust and corrosion making it ideal for food, medical or other special environments. The radius on the plunger nose allows for side loading if needed.

Knurled Knob Plungers

These plungers, also with locking and non-locking designs, feature a compact knurled knob in both steel and stainless steel. They provide large, hardened bearing surfaces that permit greater side loading and have a slight end taper for easy alignment.

Hex Drive Plungers

These plungers feature a retractable plunger that locks in the retracted position for easy withdrawal and reengagement, while the built-in hex drive wrench provides rapid installation and adjustment with a hex tool. The plunger nose also features a tapered end for easy alignment.

How Can We Help?

No matter what industry you’re in, we have a solution that will exceed your specific need. Each of our models has unique features for a wide variety of applications that are sure to achieve your desired results. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive line of quick release devices.