Ball Buttons

Part No.For Ball PlungersAB
BB46SSB46, SSB47, DSSB46, DSSB437, B46, B471/80.10750.056BB46
BB48SSB48, DSSB48, B481/80.11750.061BB48
BB50B52, BM4, BM6, BL52, BH52, BML6, MBH6, SSB50, SSB52, SSBL52, SSBH52, DSSB50, 50A, 523/160.16140.069BB50
BB54SSB54, SSBL54,SSBH54, D54N, D54, DSSB Series1/40.20340.111BB54
BB56B56, BM8, BMH8, BML8, BL56, BH56, SSB56, SSBH56, D56, DL56, ND56, NDL56, DSSB Series5/160.26590.139BB56
BB58BM10, BML10, BMH10, B58, BL58, BH58, SSB58, SSBL58, SSBH58, D58, DL58, ND58, NDL58, DSSB Series3/80.32840.164BB58
BB60B60, BL60, BH60, BM12, BMH12, BML12, SSB60, SSBL60, SSBH60, DSSB Series1/20.43780.241BB60
BB62B62, BL62, BH62, SSBH62, SSBL62, SSB625/80.54720.330BB62

Product not available in metric.


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