‘Tis the Season: How Vlier Helps to Make Your Holiday Journey Possible

A red car with green holiday garland and wrapped gifts on its hood.

Traveling to Grandma’s this year for the holidays? You’re not alone—in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic, 115.6 million Americans took trips during the winter festivities. Whether you decide to take your holiday journey by plane, train or automobile our precisely engineered products may be helping you arrive at your destination safe and sound? In this blog, we uncover the many ways our products intersect with holiday travel.


If you’re hitting the pavement for a road trip to see friends or family this holiday season, you are likely to encounter Vlier products from the very start. In fact, many companies in the car industry rely on us to manufacture reliable parts that can stand up to high mileage and harsh weather.

We use state-of-the-art technologies and obsess over quality control to create dependable products for the automotive industry. When it comes to cars, our products are used in access panels, headlights, interior lights, air conditioning, electronic devices, door hardware, dashboards, consoles, latches and even the vehicle’s frame. Specifically, our spring loaded devices are used in vehicle drivetrain and steering components, as well as in the interior of a car for seating positioning. So, when you’re in the middle of an hours-long drive back home for the holidays, remember that Vlier products may well be along for the ride—and helping you arrive unharmed.


Our company has been creating products for aviation since World War II, when we engineered parts for use in bombers and fighter planes. While our innovative parts are still being used in military flight, we’ve since taken off and broadened our industry applications to include commercial aviation.

From the tarmac to the skies, our parts can be found in cockpits, autopilot and mechanical systems, passenger seating, galleys and stowage modules, exterior access panels and aviation ground support equipment. We also have a hand in seat backs, tray tables and cabin doors, so you have Vlier to thank for helping you not make a mess of your in-flight meal. Just don’t forget to leave any of your family members at home alone before boarding a flight for the holidays!


From short subway trips downtown to longer train excursions across the country, Vlier products are used in rail applications to help create a smooth travel experience. Our standard and custom product solutions are used in passenger train, freight train and high-speed rail parts, as well as in consoles, air conditioning, control panels, passenger seating, access panels, and rail car and train manufacturing. With Vlier parts on board, you’ll be rolling into your destination train station with ease.


At some point during your holiday journey, you might stop at an airport, train station or gas station to buy something important or to rest. But even when you’ve taken a break from active travel, Vlier products are still right there alongside you in many electronics.

Our parts are used in electronic registers, credit card readers, POS terminals, laptops and even entertainment devices. Vlier’s ball detent pin is also used to physically secure some mobile transaction payment devices for retail transactions. Whether you’re using your computer to finish some work before a flight, or buying a snack before hitting the road again, our parts are working behind the scenes to help you.

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