Leveling Devices

Learn more about Vlier’s leveling devices, including design details, available materials and common uses.

What is a Leveling Device?
Leveling Device Basics

Vlier leveling devices provide and ensure stable support for industrial machinery and equipment on uneven floors or surfaces by providing height control. This stability optimizes equipment performance and limits tipping, controls vibration, cuts noise and protects floors and other surfaces.

Vlier leveling devices are offered in a wide range of customized collections, including Original Series, High Value Series, Level Star Series, LMS Anti-Vibration and VG Series industrial glides. Each offers unique features and designs with a stud style or socket style option in many models. Other models offer a swivel feature to adjust for uneven floors, and an elastomer pad for durability and floor protection.

Vlier leveling devices are offered in a variety of material options including steel, stainless steel, nylon, natural rubber and plastic.

Vlier leveling devices feature a thread-in installation and are available in both unified ANSI and metric sizes.