Originator of the Vlier Pin

With a legacy that includes the "Vlier Pin", we have leveraged advanced technologies and obsessive quality control to deliver precisely engineered components.

Why Vlier

Vlier is the expert in Spring-Loaded Devices and Leveling Pads for designs that require Positioning, Indexing, Detenting, Holding, Ejecting, Leveling and Support. Vlier manufactures Spring Plungers, Quick Release Plungers and Leveling Pads in a variety of sizes and materials to suit any application. Each has been engineered to reduce costs, increase productivity and perform dependably.

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Custom Designs

If a Vlier Standard product does not meet your requirements, our Application Engineering staff stands ready to provide comprehensive support for a special design that will.

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The Vlier Difference

For over 75 years, Vlier Products has leveraged advanced technologies and uncompromised quality control to deliver precisely engineered parts across the globe, impacting virtually every aspect of modern life.

Industries & Applications


Used in the cockpit, for passenger seating, cabin interior, electronic bays, ground support equipment, flight covers and safety locks, exterior access panels, galleys and stowage modules.


From transportation to communication, Vlier products are used extensively in defense equipment. Vlier products are used on access panels, controls, and in cabins and cockpits.


Seating, dashboard and console, latches, electronic devices, air conditioning units, lights. Like automotive applications, Vlier products are typically used in seating, access panels, dashboard and console, latches, air conditioning units and lights.


Leveling feet, door hinges, motor suspension, service panels, electronic modules, control panels. Vlier glides are used frequently for protective footing on chairs, desks, partitions and more. Spring loaded devices are used in cabinetry and enclosures.


Vlier products are used extensively in all types of industrial applications. The quick release of our spring loaded devices allows workers to easily access industrial panels and our levelers keep heavy equipment on a level plane.


From cell phone hinges to satellite towers, Vlier products can be found throughout. Typical uses include structural mounts, access panels, levelers and more.


Machine leveling, enclosures, electronic modules, exterior panels and doors, control panels, interior maintenance panels


Laptop and Cell Phone hinges, flat panel mounting, chassis and modules for PC's, enclosures.


Interior and Exterior Access Panels, passenger seating, control panels, air conditioning and consoles.


Interior Panels and Modules, Secure Door/Panel Access, LCD Position Control, Leveling Feet, Glides


The film industry is always coming up with creative ways to use Vlier products. From tripods to booms, Vlier spring loaded devices, glides and levelers are top performers.


From streamlined campers to ATV's, Vlier products help hold them together. Typical uses include, controls, access panels, dashboard and seating anchors.