No Vibes Are Good Vibes: Anti-Vibration Levelers from Vlier

The Vlier LMS Anti-Vibration Leveler

When it comes to protecting your high-precision equipment, no vibration is good vibration. For over 80 years, organizations across industries have trusted Vlier’s level mount swivel (LMS) anti-vibration leveler to provide shock attenuation and low-frequency vibration isolation for their sensitive precision equipment.

Level Up with the LMS

Vlier’s LMS anti-vibration leveler is a precision, frequency-tuned, swivel-style leveling device that provides premium vibration control, shock attenuation and noise reduction to improve your machinery’s performance, precision and throughput while extending its lifespan. With a 10-21 Hz natural frequency and transmissibility at resonance 8:1, the LMS provides low frequency isolation for greater dampening.

Our customers rely on the LMS to protect sensitive equipment including:

  • Data storage equipment
  • Large medical equipment
  • Industrial workstations
  • Electronic manufacturing equipment
  • Industrial machines
  • Semiconductor equipment
  • High-precision equipment

Innovation Can Come in Small Packages

The key to the time-proven efficacy of the LMS is in precision engineering and material choice. Made from corrosion-resistant steel, its molded rubber-to-metal base creates a permanent bond for longevity and durability. The LMS rests on a three-inch radial ring pad for compact, superior stability and can withstand temperatures from -20°F to 180°F (-30°C to 82°C), making it applicable to a broad range of environments.

We can customize a Vlier LMS to meet your specific, unique applications and accommodate just about any equipment configuration.

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