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2018 Marks Vlier’s Diamond Jubilee

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly half of all new businesses fail after five years. Still, outliers exist, and a prime example is our very own: this year marks Vlier’s 75th anniversary. To commemorate the milestone, we are rolling out a new logo complemented by a new tagline, “75 years of innovation.” Fitting, no?

After all, we were founded on that very principle and innovation is what has carried us through these past 75 years. While we initially supported American efforts in World War II, engineering parts for use in military build-ups of bombers, fighter planes and battleships, we shifted our focus after the war ended. Through good ol’ American ingenuity, we created what would become our flagship product, the Vlier Pin, in 1949. Designed to fixture small parts in tight, compact spaces, the pins have perfected many manufacturing lines and products.

Today, Vlier parts can be found in military aircraft, the space station, credit card readers, surgical instruments, rollercoasters and high-speed rail. The application of our products is near limitless.

To what do we owe our success? The precision engineering of each of our over 3,300 standard parts. In addition to meeting demand on-time, and on-budget, Vlier holds ISO:9001 and AS9100 certifications, internationally recognized Quality Management Systems that hold the company to first-rate quality standards and gives assurance to customers of this quality.

As the company moves into its 75th year, management is excited to not only introduce the new logo, they have plans to expand their product catalog and branch out into additional markets. Of Vlier, Thomas Foley, general manager stated, “We’re nimble. As technology changes or improves, we follow suit. In fact, we oftentimes must stay ahead of the technology to accommodate its demands. Our logo is just the beginning of new and exciting things to come.”