Vlier Innovates on National Manufacturing Day!

National Manufacturing Day

National Manufacturing Day: Oct. 5

Today is National Manufacturing Day, an observation meant to inspire the next generation by highlighting past, present and future innovations. Through our extensive product catalog of innovative and reliably manufactured components (not to mention this blog) we certainly have done, are doing, and will do just that.

The Past: Building a solid foundation

Founded in 1943, and beginning with our signature Vlier Pin in 1949, Vlier has delivered. We pride ourselves on delivering a level of quality, value, selection and precision that, to this day, remain unmatched. Our workforce has always been driven to innovate rather than resting on its laurels. That continual ingenuity has contributed to our enduring legacy which we hope serves as a (pin)spiration to others, particularly to the up and comers in the field.

The Present: (Our) American manufacturing is alive and well

Acclaimed author John Nasbitt once declared manufacturing a “declining sport.” To that we say, “not so.” If you look at the applications or distributor sections of our website, we hope you’ll recognize the breadth of our offerings and the global footprint of our brand. We want nothing more than to be a trusted resource, and our trusted manufacturers and manufacturing processes play a role in our success and growth.

The Future: The Sky’s (Not) the Limit

Our design and engineering experts leverage advanced manufacturing technology to create more than 3,300 standard and custom solutions for applications in transportation, medical and technology and emerging industries like high-speed rail. Vlier is everywhere; not even the sky’s the limit as our parts can also be found in air- and spacecrafts. We hope you’ll take a minute during the observation day to explore our website. With any luck, you’ll be inspired to take on that next innovative manufacturing project—one that we gladly can be a part of.