3, 2, 1…Liftoff! It’s National Aerospace Week!

VLIER Reliability

Initially established by the Aerospace Industries, National Aerospace Week was officially recognized by Congress in 2010 and has been observed each year since during this, the third week of September. We’ll use this observation as a launchpad to tout how our products are out of this world, not to mention how we’ve been able to eclipse the competition. Into space puns are you? Then read on…

Our products are (literally) out of this world

With over 3,300 standard parts, it’s no surprise that Vlier can be found all across the globe and orbiting around it. Here on Earth, our parts are found in ground support equipment galleys and stowage modules. We’re also a trusted wingman in cockpits, passenger seating, cabin interiors, electronic bays, safety locks and exterior access panels in a variety of aircraft. We’ve even helped NASA get some of their projects off the ground.

Our reliability will rocket us into the future

Real reliability isn’t promised; it’s proven. For 75 years, virtually every American industry that helps make the world work has trusted Vlier for its machining solutions. As technology changes or improves, we follow suit. In fact, we oftentimes must stay ahead of the technology to accommodate its demands. We will use this blog space to announce new and exciting things to come, and encourage you to come back often to read about how Vlier plays a part in trips to where no man has gone before…and how we’ll get you places you’ve already been, but with greater reliability!