Vlier: We’ve Got Your Back

Vlier quick release device for back braces

A lower back brace is an essential device for treating certain spinal conditions, allowing the spine to heal with limited movement over a period of time. For a brace to have universal appeal, it needs to be an option for people of varying heights and sizes, and also have the ability to easily tighten and loosen required compression. That’s where Vlier’s expertise comes in. Discover how we’ve got your back.

Custom Sizes Made Easy with Vlier

A brace allows for reduced muscle tension, improved posture and increased function during daily activity—and the Vlier knurled knob plunger plays a crucial role. Used in a mechanical pulley closure system to improve compression and stability, the knurled knob operates as a sliding scale that locks into position and can be adjusted based on the person wearing the back brace. 

Special Features

The plunger is a very precisely shaped knob with a chamfered edge on the nose, allowing for even the most minute adjustments to, and positioning of, the brace. All of Vlier’s plungers are built to exceed the required level of durability, with the intention of outlasting the end product they’re used in. Knurled knob plungers are available in either locking or non-locking varieties, and in steel or stainless steel, as well as custom designs. The parts also feature:

  • Knurled knob design
  • Hand-retractable locking plunger on locking models
  • Hand-retractable plunger on non-locking models
  • Ability to withstand side loading
  • Unified ANSI and metric threads
  • Tapered end for easy alignment

Custom Solutions for Your Unique Challenges

Vlier has a large inventory of ready-made, cost-effective products that can be used in a wide array of applications and industries. Our current catalog consists of more than 3,000 parts, but if our standard parts don’t fit the bill for what a customer needs, we will spend as much time as necessary to create a part that does. Contact us to learn more and get started today.