Vlier: Imagining Tomorrow

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Celebrating Engineers During National Engineers Week

It’s National Engineers Week, an observance founded by the National Society of Professional Engineers in 1951. This year’s theme is “Imagining Tomorrow,” something all of us here at Vlier can get behind. As we celebrate engineers—both those in-house who help to design and manufacture our products, as well as those who design and build the finished products that implement them—we’ll bridge the gap in this blog, focusing on the applications and solutions that together, these engineers are able to achieve.

Imagining a Healthier Future

Parts from across our catalog are used in the medical industry in doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics, surgical centers and emergency rooms across the country and globe. One such example are our quick release devices. A large medical manufacturing company saw the benefits our parts could provide and incorporated them into the design of an optical switch cover used as part of an oncology treatment system.

Our high value series levelers are found in various medical machines including MRI machines and oncology treatment systems. These leveling devices are used to support and stabilize these large medical machines, allowing for accurate read-outs and precise and localized cancer treatments.

Reimagining Technology

We proudly advance technology in industries beyond healthcare. A part of transportation and defense since World War II, our parts have been found in the cockpits, mechanical systems, passenger seating, safety locks and more of B-2 bombers of yesteryear and more contemporary variants in the skies today. We also provide engineered parts used in tactical gear, missiles, bomb-detecting equipment, helicopters and more, all of which help to preserve our country’s freedoms.

Imagine the Possibilities

We invite you to imagine how our spring loaded devices, quick release devices, leveling devices, mechanical components and our Vlier lock pins can help your team of engineers. Contact us with questions or to request a quote on a standard or custom solution.