Women of Aviation Worldwide Week

Here at Vlier Products, we’d like to take a moment to recognize Women of Aviation Worldwide Week (WOAW). This is a time to encourage women of all ages to pursue careers in the air and space industries. As a company whose products have helped the aerospace industry soar over the past 75 years, we applaud this goal.

About WOAW and the women who made aviation history

Since 2010, WOAH has been held during the week of March 8, to mark the anniversary of the world’s first woman to receive her pilot’s license in 1910. Since that time, observances have been organized in 47 countries on five continents as women’s contributions have likewise grown to include general aviation, military and commercial piloting, aeronautical engineering at NASA, spaceflight and much more.

From Amelia Earhart to Dr. Sally Ride, women have been making marked contributions in the aviation and aerospace industries for more than 100 years. As important women continue to make history, we’re glad to have their backs.

Vlier Playing a “Part” in Aviation History

Vlier has also had a significant role in aviation history. We developed the revolutionary Vlier Pin back in 1949, and we haven’t looked back since. Many of our parts currently have integral applications in the aerospace industry.

  • Our custom press-fit plungers are used in the countermeasure flare assemblies for F-35 aircraft. The press-fit plunger is mainly used for securing, indexing, locating and positioning. It’s trusted for a variety of reasons including its easy installation and stainless steel components which resist corrosion and extreme temperatures.
  • Our leveling devices are positioned atop the turbines for military helicopters. We provide a device known as level jack screw used on each turbine. Our product provides a high level of stability to support the engine cover during maintenance.
  • We have also developed custom plungers used in egress door mechanisms to ensure safe emergency landings in military aircraft. The custom plunger acts as a triggering mechanism that caused a small detonation during a hard landing, allowing the doors to safely blow away from the aircraft.

In addition, you can find our parts in cockpits, passenger seating, cabin interiors, electronic bays, ground support equipment, satellites, flight covers and safety locks, exterior access panels, galleys and stowage modules and more in a variety of different models of aircraft.

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You should use Women of Aviation Worldwide Week to consider the history of flight and all the important contributions women have made. Vlier honors their work and can’t wait to be a part of their efforts moving forward.

If you’re interested in learning more about us and the history that we continue to make—or, if you would like some help in making your project take flight, you can take a look at our variety of product offerings in our extensive catalog. You can also reach out and request a quote for any of our products.