Engineers Week: Honoring the E in STEM


Engineers Week: Honoring the World Changers

The U.S. Department of Education has chartered a five-year strategy to promote access to education in the fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). They point out that professionals in these fields use their expertise to solve problems, analyze information, evaluate evidence and will continue to meet the demands of an evolving workforce. Now, during national Engineers Week, we’re celebrating the E in STEM.

We’re a little biased about engineers. Not only because of the world-altering, life-improving work they do, from bridges to roads and from military defense to efficient energy. We admire the work they do on a smaller scale, too, like the precision-made parts that engineers have designed for us for over 75 years.

We manufacture superior devices in a range of categories—spring-loaded, quick-release, leveling, mechanical and customized—now used in over a dozen industries. Our parts help engineers design and create applications in aerospace, medical, transportation, telecommunications, automotive, consumer electronics and beyond.

Our Application Engineering staff work with clients to create precision parts for customized applications as well. As you can see, we depend upon that E in STEM quite a bit, and are proud to celebrate their achievements this week, and every week.

We invite you to explore the many industries like yours that we serve, and to request a quote for any of our products. Let us engineer a solution for you today.