Vlier Continues to Invent Amazing During National Engineers Week

Engineers Week

Invent amazing. It’s the theme of National Engineers Week, taking place February 17–23, and it’s what Vlier has been doing for over 75 years and counting. At Vlier, we honor the engineering staff this week and every week, and continue to work harder and smarter for the industries we serve.

From tactical gear and control panels in the defense and rail industries, to consumer electronics and even recreational equipment, the products our engineers develop are on the cutting-edge of technology and are designed to reduce costs, increase productivity and perform dependably.

When you partner with Vlier, you’re guaranteed something amazing

Interested in learning more about how Vlier engineers continue to invent amazing every day? We encourage you to contact us to be connected to a member of our engineering team who will help you discover how our library of customizable products can help you invent something innovative for your industry.

Industry leaders insist on Vlier products for our vast selection, versatile applications and superior value and performance. We are the experts in spring loaded devices and leveling pads for designs that require positioning, indexing, detenting, holding, ejecting, leveling and support. We manufacture spring plungers, quick release plungers and leveling pads in a variety of sizes and materials to suit any job.

Our engineering staff is trained and ready to provide comprehensive support for all design, installation and application requirements—and with an ISO:9001 certification, no less.