Vlier helps get you where you’re going!


With the summer travel season upon us, whenever you hear an airplane captain say “prepare for takeoff” or flight attendants ask that “seat trays be returned to their upright and locked position” remember that precision-engineered Vlier products are along for the adventure.

Vlier products are practically everywhere on an airplane, including the cockpit, passenger seats, cabin interior, electronic bays, ground support equipment, flight covers and safety locks, exterior access panels, galleys and stowage modules.

Not flying? Vlier is part of the trip whether it’s planes, trains or automobiles. Vlier products are extensively used in seating, dashboard and console, latches, electronic devices, air conditioning units, lights on trains, trucks, cars and recreational vehicles.

When you use your cell phone and want to buy dinner at a restaurant with an excellent reputation, Vlier parts on satellite towers and credit card readers are part of the transaction.

If you are seeking out the highest and fastest rollercoaster, cooling out by the pool with headphones or streaming a late-night movie on the laptop, Vlier likely has it covered, or fastened.

Interested in learning more about where Vlier can get you this summer and beyond? Click here to “travel” through our product offerings, which are engineered to reduce costs, increase productivity and dependably perform.