Celebrating Military Family Appreciation Month

A smiling little girl hugging a female soldier

Members of the armed forces make constant sacrifices to protect and defend our country against threats. But the families of these soldiers also make their own, different sacrifices as their loved ones answer the call of duty. In recognition of November as Military Family Appreciation Month, we want to sincerely thank service members and their families for their selflessness.

When our business was founded in 1943, during World War II, we went to work engineering parts for use in military build-ups of bombers, fighter planes and battleships. Today, we still work closely with the defense industry putting our innovative products to work for numerous defense applications. It’s our responsibility to create quality parts that will work correctly for soldiers in the field so that they can get home safely to their families.

Air, Land and Sea

Whether we’re manufacturing parts for a fighter jet thousands of feet in the air, or for cyber security threat processing on the ground, we always take great care to create reliable and stable products. Soldiers rely heavily on the equipment they use to safely and successfully complete their missions, and it’s our duty to build products that make that possible. Here are some defense industry applications of our components:

Spring loaded devices and quick release devices

For a pilot who is flying an F-35 aircraft in the skies near the enemy, countermeasure flares are a critical resource that can help them land back on base unharmed. We build a custom spring loaded device used in these flare assemblies that aids in their successful operation.

Our spring loaded device[NM1] s, which encapsulate a spring within their bodies and have a plunger tip or ball on one end, are typically used in applications that require positioning, indexing, and locating. In addition, our versatile, quick release plungers help to secure, lockdown or provide quick access in mission-critical applications such as tactical gear, mobile communication setups, armament racking systems and more.

Vlier levelers and mechanical components

There’s more to protecting soldiers than providing them with the most state-of-the-art equipment—it’s equally as important to make sure that the older hardware used by military members is properly maintained. To this end, we provide level jack screws for some military helicopters that are positioned atop turbines and are designed to support the engine cover during maintenance.

Our levelers are also used in other defense applications, such as flight simulators and cyber security threat processing, which help soldiers stay out of harm’s way. We also build mechanical components such as torque screws, spring stops, toggle pads and spring locating pins that are precisely engineered for superior and reliable performance in the defense industry and beyond.

Custom Solutions for Defense

Military families want to see their loved ones come home safe—and so do we. That’s why we create parts that can withstand tough environments and perform under fire, every single time.

Whether you need a custom modified Vlier part or a completely new design, our skilled engineering and sales team is always ready to assist. If you are interested in learning more about the defense industry applications of our products, check out our video or reach out to us for more information.