Five Holiday Gift Ideas for Engineers

Engineer Holiday Gift

We’re partial to engineers. After all, we employ quite a few to design and build our world-renowned precision parts for aerospace, transportation, medical devices and many other international industries. During this season of giving, to show our gratitude for the very particular set of skills they bring to their work, we offer our top five holiday gift ideas for engineers, and all can be found for under $200.

BioLite Fire Pit — This sleek update to the backyard fire pit burns wood with limited smoke, and creates hyper-efficient flames visible through the mesh sides. But wait, there’s more. With a switch to charcoal and an included grate, it turns into a hibachi-style grill. Use the Bluetooth app to control the flame size. About $199.99

MP Mini Delta 3D Printer — Monoprice’s lowest-priced professional quality 3D printer, the MP Mini Delta’s sturdy construction and self-calibration feature takes it past toy status. Able to use open source software, it can help you tailor your creations with your personal printing tastes. About $160.00

Potensic T25 GPS Drone — With an intuitive control system, HD wi-fi camera and a broad range of flying patterns, this is an excellent drone by Potensic for anyone with a curious mind that won’t deplete your entire holiday budget. About $150.00.

Arduino Starter Kit — Like LEGOs on steroids, this construction kit contains the kind of tech building blocks that’ll delight the engineer’s inner child. Includes real-invention parts like a DC motor, LED lights, resistors, transistors, potentiometers and more. An instruction book offers over a dozen project tutorials. About $88.00.

Gerber Suspension Mini-Plier — Tough, dependable and built for easy handling, this multi-tool sets a benchmark for convenience and durability. The butterfly design provides easy access to a dozen tools, so your engineer is always prepared. About $33.00.

With this handy holiday gift guide, you can make a lasting impression on the engineer in your life. Engineers create and manage great inventions and processes, which help make the world go round. Give them a gift of appreciation—one they’ll put to great use with their unique minds and talents.

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