Innovating Solutions with Custom Modified Vlier Parts

Starting block with custom pull ring

Innovation is the key to human progress. Even with more than 3,300 parts in our catalog, we never rest on our laurels—we’re consistently working alongside our customers to create new custom-modified parts to meet their specific demands. Whether you need custom modified Vlier parts or a completely new design to meet your application requirements, our engineering team is ready to help you create a solution.

Custom Capabilities

Vlier has been providing precision manufacturing solutions to industries including defense, medical, electric vehicle, telecom and other industries. No matter the industry, we’re always up for the challenge to create something new—we can analyze your requirements and design a part that fits your needs, including:

  • Custom spring rates
  • Custom plunger designs
  • Specialty plating & materials to meet various requirements
  • Test reports, lot control, material certs
  • Special operating environments
  • Build for extreme temperature requirements
  • Design for operational performance

Making a Splash with a Custom Design

Spectrum Aquatics, a leading provider of commercial-grade pool equipment, encountered an issue with a part in their starting blocks. They were experiencing widespread failures with a three-piece lock pin supplied by another manufacturer. Spectrum turned to Vlier for help in creating a part that could withstand both the harsh chemicals found in pool water and the force exerted by swimmers as they push off from the blocks.

Upon review, and in consideration of the requirements for the finished piece, Vlier engineers reimagined the part as a two-piece design, creating a custom pull ring plunger. In this way, they cut down on vulnerable areas that could weaken through repeated use. In addition to the improved design, Spectrum engineers noted our decision to use 316 stainless steel, which ensured the part would be corrosion resistant. Satisfied with Vlier’s design suggestions, they awarded us a contract to become the sole-source provider of this part. Additionally, our offering was provided at a similar price to the previous manufacturer’s inferior part.

How Can We Help?

We are prepared and eager to meet your needs for prototype designs of custom fixturing products, production builds or quick-turn deliveries. No matter what industry you’re in, we have the right part for you. Contact us today to learn more about our custom capabilities.