LMS Anti-Vibration Levelers

Vlier’s LMS anti-vibration levelers are a swivel leveling device designed to provide low frequency vibration isolation and shock attenuation. The steel base is molded to a 0.5” black neoprene elastomer pad for superior shock control, noise control and anti-vibration stability. The three inch radial ring pad gives a sure grip for non-skid support.

The stud style base swivels 15° off the centerline to adjust to uneven surfaces and level machine tools, high precision equipment and light machinery. The black oxide-finished steel stud and nuts resist corrosion.

Download The LMS Leveler Line Card

Special Features

  • Corrosion-resistant steel base and elastomer pad
  • Radial ring pad
  • 10 to 20 Hz natural frequency
  • Operating temperature -20°F to 180°F (-30°C to 82°C)
  • Transmissibility at resonance 8:1