Vlier: Always in Position

Image to accompany blog about how Vlier parts perform applications to help members across all branches of our armed forces.

Entire nations count on the seamless operation of the defense industry. With this in mind, every Vlier product must represent the advanced technologies and precise quality control measures for which we’re known worldwide. With expertise and pride, we build our parts to withstand tough environments, perform under fire and remain always in position.

During Military Appreciation Month, we thought we would take a moment to highlight the products that play a critical role in military missions. With varied materials and functions, our parts perform applications to help members across all branches of our armed forces.

Defense Industry Applications

Both on base and in the field, every mechanism requires the highest levels of reliability and stability—and that’s just what we deliver. Our components are precisely engineered for defense industry applications, including:

Quick release devices: In a time of need, our quick release plungers secure, lock down or provide quick access in tactical gear, mobile communication set up, armament racking systems and more.

Spring loaded devices: When called upon to act, our spring loaded devices—including the original Vlier Pin, plunger and ball detent designs­—provide the precision, reliability and repeatability that modern weapon systems demand.

Leveling devices: Nothing’s more secure than Vlier levelers, whether on land, air or sea—sure-footed in flight simulators, helicopters and cyber security threat processing.

Mechanical components: When you need to pinpoint a location under pressure, Vlier mechanical components can accurately lock in on the target.

Designed for Defense (and More)

We design all of our products with advanced technologies, precision engineering and obsessive quality control. To learn more about our product lines and the benefits each can provide, we welcome you to contact us.