Top 5 Reasons to Use a Quick Release Device in Your Project

Picture of a Vlier stubby pull ring plunger for blog discussing the top 5 reasons to use a quick release device.

If your product design requires precise alignment for positive locking, and a nail, screw or pin won’t suffice—you could benefit from a spring-loaded device. More specifically, a quick release device (QRD) might do the trick. Especially forgiving, quick release devices perform—to put it simply, quickly—allowing for on-the-fly changes to alignments or configurations. Consisting of a body, plunger nose, spring and knob, and a pull ring or lever, the ability to retract the plunger nose makes repositioning possible. Here we break down the top 5 reasons to use a quick release device in your project.

QRD Benefit 1: Ease of Installation

Quick release devices from Vlier are threaded. Comprised of steel or stainless steel and available in either unified ANSI or metric sizes, their threaded bodies allow the parts to be easily rotated into position, in some cases, even by hand.

QRD Benefit 2: Compact and Space-Saving

Vlier QRDs vary in size but generally measure approximately 0.25” to 0.5”. Their small size enables them to be stored out of the way if purchased in bulk. Moreover, if being used in a manufacturing process, their compactness allows for tight and secure fits between parts when installed.

QRD Benefit 3: Consistent and Repeatable Engagement

QRDs offer accurate and repeatable end forces. Each plunger nose has varying plunger design, travel and range of motion, along with spring force for precise operation including side loading and engagement. Consult our website or one of our experts who can help you select the right plunger nose for your desired application.

QRD Benefit 4: With Thread Lock and Non-locking Designs Available

Many of our quick release devices are available with or without a locking element. Depending on your application, you may require your plunger to stay in an extended or retracted position. When selecting a QRD on the website or from our catalog, add a “P” to the end of the part number for threaded enhanced springs that will add a locking element.

QRD Benefit 5: Multiple Plunger Noses to Fit Any Application

Vlier QRDs have noses comprised of such materials as steel or stainless steel. Our design engineers will help you select the right plunger material for your application; softer materials may be suggested, for instance, if the plunger is to be installed into a material susceptible to marring. Our experts are at the ready to help consult with product selection or even help to create a custom design. This case study highlights how a customer benefitted from a custom quick release device.

The typical uses for QRDs include securing, positioning, fastening, latching, locking or quickly disconnecting. With seven different models to choose from, each with unique features for a wide variety of applications, there’s one to help achieve your desired results. Contact us today.