New Year, New Products: Introducing Vlier’s Hygienic Leveling Devices

The start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on the past while also looking toward the future. As 2022 begins, we’re not only taking the time to think about the many ways our custom components and more than 3,300 standard parts have provided solutions for our customers, but also the new products we have added to our catalog. Certified as hygienic to 3-A Sanitary Standards, our new line of hygienic leveling devices consist of four distinct mounts that level equipment and provide protection from microorganisms and other contaminants. In this blog, we will highlight the features of each of these mounts and explore their range of applications, including in the food processing and medical industries.

Hygienic Leveler Applications

True to the name, our new hygienic leveling mounts are made for applications in environments where sanitation is of paramount importance, such as clean rooms.

Each mount is designed to meet or exceed USDA and FDA standards, making them perfectly suited for leveling equipment in the dairy, beverage, food processing and packaging industries. By having a surface finish of Ra 0.05, these mounts excel at repelling contaminants, making it difficult for bacteria and viruses to hang on.

Due to their hygienic design, these mounts are also made for use in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries, as well as other sterile environments. Our new selection of hygienic leveling mounts adds to our strong existing inventory of leveling devices.

Hygienic Leveling Mount Options

Put simply, our leveling devices ensure stable support for custom machinery and equipment on uneven surfaces and floors by providing height control. These devices protect floors and surfaces from equipment and their added stability optimizes performance and limits tipping, controls vibration and cuts down on unwanted noise.

Our new hygienic leveling mounts come in four styles:

Despite each leveler having its own unique features, all our hygienic stainless mounts adjust to uneven surfaces to level equipment and provide protection. Made from polished AISI 304 stainless steel, the mounts have a surface finish of Ra 0.05, a half-threadless hygienic stem and a stainless steel thread-covering sleeve with a hygienic sealing system. The profile of each mount’s base allows for draining during cleaning, and both the hygienic foot and thread covering sleeves feature silicon gaskets to protect from dirt.

Three of these mounts feature a vulcanized FDA NBR 85 rubber pad that is abrasion-resistant and highly elastic, which helps the mount protect the floor beneath its base while also providing a positive seal from contaminants. Additionally, two of these mounts include a boltdown feature, securing equipment in dynamic environments and applications by firmly locking them in place. Optional features such as a blue EDPM pad, additional thread sizes, multiple weight loads, added stud length and other accessories are also available.

Contact Us to Learn More

No matter what industry you’re in, we have a solution that will exceed your specific need. To learn more about our selection of hygienic leveling mounts, or any of our other leveling, quick release or spring loaded devices, please reach out to us online.