Vlier is Your Wingman for National Aviation Week

Picture of technician for blog Vlier is Your Wingman

You always need a wingman you can trust: Maverick had Goose, Holmes had Watson, Jordan had Pippen. A good wingman is someone who always has your back and makes sure you get the mission completed. In the spirit of National Aviation Week, which runs from August 15–21, you can rest assured that Vlier is your wingman when it comes to aerospace components that are engineered with quality, durability and precision in mind.

Getting the Job Done throughout Aviation History

The history of aviation is full of exciting accomplishments and audacious heroism. Museums and landmarks across the country can guide you through the well-documented timeline of flight. But a good wingman works behind the scenes, which is how we’ve been getting planes off the ground for more than 75 years. We first took off after developing the Vlier Pin in 1949, and we’ve been helping others soar ever since. Many of our parts are crucial to the aerospace industry, including:

  • Custom press-fit plungers are used in the countermeasure flare assemblies for F-35 aircraft.
  • Leveling devices are positioned atop the turbines for military helicopters to provide a high level of stability to support the engine cover during maintenance.
  • We have created custom plungers used in egress door mechanisms to ensure safe emergency landings in military aircraft.

Vlier products are also used in cockpits, passenger seating, cabin interiors, electronic bays, ground support equipment, flight covers and safety locks, exterior access panels, galleys and stowage modules in a variety of aircraft.

You Can Be My Wingman Anytime

There’s a reason Vlier is such a trusted wingman throughout the aviation industry: we design each and every one of our products with precision engineering and obsessive quality control. And when a catalog part isn’t the right fit, we can help you customize one to suit your exact design specifications. To learn more about how we’ve got your back when it comes to quality parts, we welcome you to contact us.