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For precise, reliable performance in the defense industry, we’re in position

Defense industry applications of our precisely engineered components include:

Quick Release Devices

In a time of need, our quick release devices secure, lock down or provide quick access in tactical gear, mobile communication set up, armament racking systems and more.

Spring Loaded Devices

When called upon to act, our spring loaded devices—including the original Vlier Pin, plunger and ball detent designs¬—provide the precision, reliability and repeatability that modern weapon systems demand.

Leveling Devices

Nothing’s more secure than Vlier levelers, whether on land, air or sea—sure-footed in flight simulators, helicopters and cyber security threat processing.


Mechanical Components

When you need to dial in an enemy’s location under pressure, Vlier mechanical components accurately lock in on the target.

Count on us

For reliability and stability in defense applications—both on base and in the field. Our parts withstand tough environments and perform under fire, every single time.

We design

All of our products with advanced technologies, precision engineering and obsessive quality control. So that you can defend what matters.