Vlier standard spring plungers offer long travel, large bearing surfaces and numerous material and design options.

Vlier Steel Body Phenolic Nose and Delrin Nose Plungers and Stainless Steel Body Delrin Nose Plungers are ideal for use with aluminum, brass or any soft, easily marred material.

Vlier Hexnose Standard Steel Spring Plungers provide a hexagonal plunger nose for easy adjustment with a standard end or socket wrench plunger end to speed installation or removal.

Vlier Long Travel, steel Spring Plungers are ideal for high-speed, long-life applications. Now available ASCII and Metric.

Expanded Metric Series with Round Nose

Vlier Hi-Life™ Steel Spring Plungers are specially designed to take tough abuse of high-speed, long-life product applications.

Vlier Posi-Hex™ Steel Spring Plungers allow for easy installation and removal using a hex wrench.