Medical Applications

An Ounce of Precision Is Good Medicine

At Vlier, precisely engineering products for the medical industry is standard operating procedure.

The stakes are high in medical manufacturing. Health-boosting and life-saving procedures require reliable devices, designed with superior components, that can accurately perform every single time.

If you manufacture complex medical machinery for hospitals, clinics, surgical centers or beyond, you need a dependable components partner engineering products that stay ahead of the curve in advancing technologies.

Designed to Endure

Like strong cells in a healthy body, superior parts are made to go unnoticed. Our standard and custom-made components:

  • Require simple installation
  • Perform in sterilized environments
  • Resist corrosion and withstand high temperatures
  • Dampen vibration
  • Provide stability and system mobility
  • Meet stringent industry regulations
  • Perform correctly, time after time

Product Highlights

Medical applications of Vlier Products include solutions for interior panels and modules, LCD position control, leveling feet, secure door or panel access, gliders and many more. Take a look:

Our knurled knob plungers provide precise mobility and support for back and knee braces.

Our ball detent pins provide stable braking and security assistance for common diagnostic equipment.

Our leveling mounts stabilize oncology treatment delivery systems and MRI machines.