Looking for a custom part for your project?
We have you covered.

At Vlier, we are dedicated to solving your manufacturing challenges.

Our use of advanced technologies and our focus on quality control allows us to manufacture precisely engineered components that are trusted by countless industries across the world.

In addition to our extensive catalog of over 3,300 standard parts, our experienced engineering team can provide custom Vlier parts, or a completely new design, to meet your specific needs. Our existing product selection includes spring loaded devices, quick release devices, leveling devices, Vlier Lock Pins and mechanical components.

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Custom Modified Parts

If you are looking for a precision product that requires positioning, indexing, detenting, holding, ejecting and leveling, look no further than Vlier. Whatever your custom design requirements are, we are up to the challenge. We can handle:

  • Modified dimensions
  • Specialty materials
  • Temperature-specific needs
  • Clean room requirements
  • High-strength material
  • Space applications