Locking Elements for Spring Loaded Devices

 Locking Element Thread Size Part Number Suffix
Nylon Pellet 1/4" and larger N
Nylon Patch Smaller than 1/4" P

How to Order the Locking Element
When ordering the locking element, add "N" or "P" to the end of the part number for threaded enhanced springs. "N" for 1/4 inch threads and larger, "P" for threads smaller than 1/4 inch. For quick-release plungers, add "P" to the end of the part number.

Installation with Locking Elements
When using the pellet-type locking element (thread sizes 1/4 inch and larger) we strongly recommend that you countersink the mating thread 90 degrees by 1/32" larger than the major thread diameter. This prevents dislodging the nylon pellet, which is press-fit into the body of the SLD.

How The Locking Element Works
The nylon locking element forces the threads on the opposite side of a spring-loaded device to compress against the mating threads of a tapped hole, providing the thread locking property. This compression has sometimes caused installation problems when installing into soft metals. When the steel threads of a spring plunger are forced against aluminum threads of a tapped hole, the steel threads can damage the softer aluminum threads, impeding installation or removal.

Vlier's Lighter Locking Element
Vlier applies a much lighter locking element today than in years past, and our spring-loaded devices work in soft metal applications the majority of the time. If our standard locking element does not install easily in your application, you might try using a larger drill in the tapping operation, or ask a Vlier Applications Engineer for a quote on a special.