SLD Basics

What you need to know...

End Force
Vlier spring-loaded devices are designed to exert a precise end force in the right place at the right time. End forces range from .125 to 200 lbs. Standard spring-loaded devices are available in heavy and light end force designs.

A major characteristic of the spring-loaded device is its range of motion or travel. Through the range of travel, end force increases (due to spring compression) from initial to final as the plunger or ball is depressed. The product specification tables in the online catalog portion of this website provide initial and final end force values for all Vlier spring-loaded devices.

Many different types of spring-loaded devices have been developed to suit unique uses and applications. Use the "Spring Loaded Devices Product Index" link or "Quick Release Devices Product Index" for a visual index with product summaries or the left column menu for links to the online Vlier catalog pages.

Thread Sizes
Thread sizes for all spring-loaded devices with threaded bodies are shown for individual part numbers in the product specification tables of the online catalog. Use the "Spring Loaded Devices Product Index" page or "Quick Release Devices Product Index" or the top product menu to access specific online catalog pages.
Class 2A Thread - Imperial
Class 6g Thread - Metric