A Wide Range of SLD Materials and Plating Options ...

Spring-loaded device material grades and descriptions as well as finish plating's are summarized in the tables and notations shown below:

 Material Description Key*
Stainless Steel Good in corrosive environments
food processing and high temperature
applications (spring can withstand
600°F) Grades: 440C***, 300 Series per
ASTM A-484 or ASTM A-582, 17-PH
Carbon Steel Less expensive material than stainless
steel and better wear resistance of the
plunger tip due to case hardening.**
Grades: 11L17 or 12L14A or Ledloy AX
Music Wire Used on most carbon steel products. S
Nylon or Delrin® Will not mar soft material such as
aluminum or brass.
Phenolic Will not mar soft material such as
aluminum or brass. More brittle than
nylon or Delrin.

Delrin® is a registered trademark of DuPont Corp.
*(B) Body • (P) Plunger • (L) Ball • (S) Spring
**NOTE: All steel plungers are typically case hardened to 0.15-.010 inches in depth to a hardness of between RC 58-62.

Finish Platings

  • Zinc plate; yellow, clear or black chromate to conversion coat
  • Black oxide
  • Passivate; SAE-AMS-QQ-P-35, ASTM-A-967***
  • Other special coatings
 Material Grade Tensile PSI Yield PSI Elong.* Hardness**
440C 110,000 65,000 14 Br230
302,304,304L 65,000 35,000 80 Br150
303S 100,000 60,000 40 Br228
316,316L 80,000 35,000 55 Br149
321,347 85,000 35,000 55 Br150
12L14 80,000 60,000 10 Rc B85
LEDLOY AX 80,000 60,000 10 Rc B85
11L17 80,000 60,000 10 Rc B85

* Elongation 2°, %
** Br = Brinell, Rc = Rockwell
*** Stainless steel components are passivated prior to assembly

 Material Grade Max Temp°F Max Temp°C Hardness*
Music Wire 250 121 Rc C41-60
17-7PH 650 343 Rc C38-57

* Rc = Rockwell

 Material Description Service Temperature°F Tensile(1) Ln. Exp.(2) Hardness*
Delrin** 195 9,000 5.0 Rc M80-90
Nylon 180 12,000 4.5 Rc R120
Phenolic 284 20,000 - Rm 110

(1) Yield Strength, PSI
(2) Linear Thermal Expansion IN/IN F°10(-5)
* Rc = Rockwell, Br = Brinell
** Acetal (Celcon, Delrin)