Vlier’s hygienic leveling mounts are designed to exceed USDA and FDA standards, meeting the demands of the increasing role these mounts play in the industry. The new Hygienic Series offers four distinct styles including bolt down models for equipment in environments such as the pharmaceutical, food processing, packaging, dairy and the beverage industries.

Made from polished AISI 304 stainless steel, the mounts feature a surface finish of Ra 0.05,a half-threadless hygienic stem and a stainless steel thread-covering sleeve with a hygienic sealing system. These mounts also include a base that has a profile allowing for draining during cleaning and vulcanized pads that provide a positive seal while protecting the floor and stabilizing the equipment. Both the hygienic foot and thread covering sleeves feature silicon gaskets that prevent dirt intrusions.

All of our hygienic stainless mounts adjust to uneven surfaces to level equipment, while providing maximum protection from microorganisms. Each product has been certified as hygienic to 3-A Sanitary Standards.